Offline Data Entry Jobs

Pricing & Payout Plans

Plan Structure 15 Days Job Work 20 Days Job Work 25 Days Job Work
Joining Fees ₹2,999 INR ₹3,999 INR ₹4,999 INR
No. of pages 250 350 500
Mistakes Allowed per page 5 5 10
Min. Accuracy required in %age 80% 85% 90%
Amount per page ₹14.00 INR ₹28.00 INR ₹42.00 INR
Net Payout Amount ₹3,500 INR ₹98,00 INR ₹21,000 INR
Contract Period 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
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After that pay joning fees as per the plan through fund transfer, Netbanking, 3rd party transfer or bank wire transfer if you are outside india. Once payment is made use above INSTANT JOB ACTIVATION form and submit payment details. Job Work will be activated after confirmation of payment.

Indian Customers can directly pay using Debit/Credit Card, NetBanking, Online Wallets, Cash Cards etc. For this login to site, Go to My Account – Click Upgrade Job and you will find option to PAY ONLINE. If not understood, do call us on +91-07582813400

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Offline Data Entry is a Perfect match for your Data Entry Needs. Today many global businesses prefer outsourcing their Offline Data Entry Projects from different Data Entry Service providing companies. This is one of the best home job for people who wants to work at home & earn an excellent income from the comfort of home.

You will be your own boss & set up work timing according to your wish. It is really hard to find out legitimate work at home. Thus we started our organization to provide employment to educated ones who have typing skill and speed & specially who are eager to earn with hard work. We have tied up with many companies & have taken Data-conversion work.

This is REAL WORK & not some get-rich-quick scheme. We provide you with the best data entry work at home. We specialize in data entry. You can get a better income through this data entry jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any skill required to work?
    Yes, Skills are required like typing speed at least 20 – 30 WPM so you can work fast. Computer Knowledge of at least MS-Office, Windows and Internet Is required. Internet is required just for downloading work files which hardly takes 15 minutes.
  2. What will be the Format of Work?
    We will Provide you .JPEG (Image Files), Which You have to Convert In MS-word File by typing only.
  3. What will be the exact content of the work files?
    Time is very important & precious for everyone, Same for these companies they don’t want you to waste time in creating tables & editing different text symbols etc. The work is very simple, just plain text matters. No symbols, No equations, No tables, No images. So that you can type & submit job work fast.
  4. Can I Use Software for this work?
    No, You are not allowed to use any software for converting image file to MS-Word. If found we will terminate you. Because when you use software’s it changes the Ms-Word file codes which is not visible to us. Also these files will be immediately rejected by company systems.
  5. After submitting the work in time, When I’m going to get Accuracy/Checking report & Payment?
    After submission of your work within 7-10 working days you will get the Accuracy report to on your Email Address & payment if any, will be sent as the per the payout mode you set in My Account section. However you can change your payout mode at any time by logging into to my account and clicking Change Payout tab.
  6. How company will Pay me ?
    Company will pay as per the payout mode you have set in my account section.
  7. When the Company will pay me?
    All payments are released within 7-10 days of your work submission. Suppose you took Plan 1 of 15 days for ex. on 01-01-2014, and you submitted it on 15-01-2014, than on or before 22-01-2014 you will get your payment.
  8. Will Company Deduct Any Tax?
    No we won’t deduct any type of taxes. We are not responsible for any type of taxes that may come to you. Its your sole responsibility to consult your accountant or tax officer regarding any type of tax on your earnings.
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